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Top Barcelona Jerseys: History, Design & Buying Guide 2021


The love for football transcends beyond the stadium, making its way into our wardrobes. One of the most adored football clubs globally, Barcelona FC, has seen its jerseys become a fashion statement for fans and non-fans alike. This article will delve into the top Barcelona jerseys, their history, design, and provide a comprehensive buying guide for 2021. Whether you’re a long-time fan looking to add to your collection or a newbie looking for your first Barcelona jersey, your quest starts here.

Table Of Contents

1. History of Barcelona Jerseys

2. Design Evolution of Barcelona Jerseys

3. Most Iconic Barcelona Jerseys

4. Barcelona Jerseys Buying Guide 2021

5. Caring For Your Barcelona Jerseys

History of Barcelona Jerseys

Barcelona jerseys have a rich history dating back to the club’s inception in 1899. The first-ever jersey was half blue and half garnet, divided vertically down the middle. These colors were chosen to represent the club’s founding members, who hailed from Switzerland, England, and Catalonia.

The club’s crest has also seen several modifications over the years. The current emblem, which has been in use since 2002, features the Cross of Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia, and the local Barcelona flag.

Design Evolution of Barcelona Jerseys

Over the years, Barcelona jerseys have evolved to keep up with changing fashion trends and technological advancements in sportswear. The traditional blue and garnet vertical stripes have sometimes been replaced with checks or even a single color design.

One major evolution was the introduction of sponsors on the jerseys. In 2006, Barcelona FC made a historic deal with UNICEF, featuring the organization’s logo on their jerseys for the first time. Later on, they entered into lucrative sponsorship deals with Qatar Airways and Rakuten.

Most Iconic Barcelona Jerseys

Some Barcelona jerseys have etched their mark in the annals of football history due to the iconic moments associated with them.

The 1992 away jersey is fondly remembered as the kit worn when Barcelona clinched their first-ever European Cup. The 2010-2011 season jersey is equally iconic, worn during the UEFA Champions League final win against Manchester United.

However, the most unforgettable might be the 2015-2016 home jersey, which saw Barcelona win the treble – La Liga, Copa Del Rey, and UEFA Champions League.

Barcelona Jerseys Buying Guide 2021

When purchasing Barcelona jerseys, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best quality. Firstly, consider the authenticity of the jersey. Genuine jerseys come with unique identifiers such as holographic tags and unique serial numbers.

Secondly, consider the size and fit. Barcelona jerseys come in various sizes ranging from kids to adults. For a comfortable fit, consider your body size and how you want the jersey to fit.

Lastly, consider the customization options. Many retailers offer customization options such as adding your name and preferred number on the jersey.

Caring For Your Barcelona Jerseys

Proper care for your Barcelona jerseys ensures they last longer and remain in good condition. It is advisable to wash your jerseys by hand or use a gentle machine cycle. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, and always hang your jerseys to dry to prevent shrinking or damage.


Barcelona jerseys are more than just sportswear; they represent the heart and soul of the club and its fans. They carry a rich history, filled with memorable moments of triumph and resilience. Whether you’re buying your first Barcelona jersey or adding to your collection, remember that every stitch and color tells a story of a club that’s more than just a club. Happy shopping for your Barcelona jerseys in 2021!

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