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Ultimate Guide to Cowboys Jerseys: History, Styles, & Shopping Tips


The Dallas Cowboys, one of the most famous and beloved teams in the National Football League (NFL), have an extensive and colorful history. A significant part of this history is their iconic cowboys jerseys. These jerseys have evolved over the years, reflecting the team’s triumphs, tribulations, and unique style. This article will serve as your ultimate guide to cowboys jerseys, exploring their fascinating history, diverse styles, and providing you with valuable shopping tips.

Table of Contents

1. [The History of Cowboys Jerseys](#history)

2. [Classic Cowboys Jerseys](#classic)

3. [Modern Cowboys Jerseys](#modern)

4. [The Cowboys Color Rush Jerseys](#colorrush)

5. [Shopping Tips for Cowboys Jerseys](#shoppingtips)

6. [Conclusion](#conclusion)

The History of Cowboys Jerseys

The Dallas Cowboys’ jerseys have a storied past that mirrors the team’s journey since its inception in 1960. The original jersey was royal blue with white numbers and a simple, clean design. The color was later changed to a more unique shade known as “Cowboys blue.”

The Cowboys’ white jersey has become iconic, a departure from the norm as most NFL teams wear their dark jerseys at home. The Cowboys, however, wear their white jerseys at home, a tradition started by Tex Schramm, the team’s original general manager. He wanted fans to see a variety of opponent colors at home games. The white jersey is also considered a symbol of the team’s defiance and independence.

Classic Cowboys Jerseys

The classic Cowboys jerseys have a timeless appeal that continues to enthral fans. The most popular is the white “home” jersey with royal blue shoulder stripes and numbers. This jersey, worn during the team’s epic Super Bowl victories, is synonymous with Cowboys legends like Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.

Another beloved classic is the navy blue “away” jersey. This jersey, with its silver numbers and stripes, is a reminder of the Cowboys’ resilience and fighting spirit. Despite being the “away” jersey, it’s frequently worn during home games, particularly special occasions or crucial matches.

Modern Cowboys Jerseys

The modern Cowboys jerseys maintain the classic design while incorporating contemporary aesthetics. The current home jersey is white with navy blue stripes and numbers. It also includes a subtle star pattern within the numbers, a nod to the team’s “America’s Team” nickname.

The current away jersey is navy blue with white numbers and gray stripes. Like the home jersey, it includes a star pattern within the numbers. This jersey, while maintaining the essence of the traditional design, has a modern look that resonates with the newer generation of fans.

The Cowboys Color Rush Jerseys

The Cowboys’ Color Rush jerseys are a recent addition, introduced in 2015 as part of the NFL’s Color Rush program. These jerseys are primarily white, with a silver-blue color for the numbers and stripes. They provide a fresh, exciting variation on the classic Cowboys color scheme.

The Color Rush jerseys have quickly become a fan favorite, adding an extra layer of excitement to Thursday Night Football games. They embody the Cowboys’ innovative spirit, seamlessly blending tradition with modern trends.

Shopping Tips for Cowboys Jerseys

When shopping for cowboys jerseys, consider the following tips. First, ensure you’re buying from a reputable retailer to avoid counterfeit products. Official NFL merchandise, including jerseys, can be found in the NFL Shop.

Second, choose the right size. Jerseys are designed to be worn over padding, so they tend to run large. If you’re not planning to wear pads underneath, consider sizing down.

Third, consider the player whose jersey you want to buy. The jersey of a current star player or a legendary past player is always a good choice.

Lastly, take care of your jersey to preserve its quality. Avoid machine washing, instead opting for spot cleaning.


Cowboys jerseys, with their distinctive colors and designs, are more than just NFL merchandise. They represent the team’s rich history, embody its spirit, and connect fans to their favorite players. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a newcomer to the Cowboys’ fandom, owning a Cowboys jersey is a significant part of the fan experience. Remember, when shopping for a jersey, ensure it’s authentic, fits well, and represents your passion for the team. Happy shopping!

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